Nearly Two Decades of Helping Oregon Seniors Protect Their Financial Dignity

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The Oregon
Medicaid Experts

"From you I learned that my father qualified for a special exemption and was entitled to transfer his home to me and still immediately qualify for Medicaid. In three trips to the Medicaid office I had never been told this, and, in fact,was warned that if he gave his home away he would be disqualified for over four years. Without your advice I would never have known."


Nearly Two Decades of Helping Oregon Seniors Preserve Their Financial Dignity

Every day, thousands of families face the prospect of placing a loved one into long-term care (such as a nursing home). The emotional impact is always difficult, but the financial impact can be devastating - but help is available.

Medicaid provides over half the long-term care in this country, while most of the rest is paid by the families, at least until they go broke. The secret is knowing how to qualify for Medicaid without spending all your money first. Most families CAN qualify quickly, and you don't necessarily have to be broke to do just need to know how to go about it.

The Financial Aid Center for Long Term Care is a subsidiary of Mitchell & Blalock, Diversified Financial Services, Inc., located in Grants Pass, Oregon. We are the only Medicaid planning and consulting firm serving senior citizens and their families throughout Oregon. As such, we don't feel that an entire family should be forced to bear the financial burden created by the escalating cost of a loved one's medical care. We believe that you should not have to forgo proper care for fear of losing your life's savings.

Our objective is to help you quickly qualify for Medicaid, while minimizing, or eliminating, the loss of assets. Even couples with substantial assets and/or income can usually qualify for Medicaid assistance and still preserve their savings and other assets. It is simply a matter of understanding the options available, and how the rules really work.

As Oregon's only financial firm dedicated to Medicaid asset protection and eligibility, we have been helping Oregon seniors preserve their financial dignity since 1995. We specialize exclusively in Medicaid eligibility, and understand the unique individual needs of Medicaid applicants and their families. And as the authors of two different books on Medicaid asset protection, we literally wrote the book on the subject. In fact, in nearly two decades of helping families, no one who has followed our advice has ever failed to qualify for Medicaid. We live in the trenches, fight the battles and go toe-to-toe with Medicaid every day for you. Bottom line - we are the experts

When you call you will be able to talk with a highly-experienced Medicaid eligibility expert, with an extensive knowledge of Oregon Medicaid rules and regulations, asset and estate planning, and capital protection and preservation. We'll provide you and your family with the highest level of customer service, in a confidential and comfortable atmosphere.

The Financial Aid Center invites you to contact us today to speak directly with one of our experienced Medicaid specialists. Discover how quickly we can stop the financial bleeding.

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to helping you and your family.

Joe Mitchell

Terall Blalock

The Financial Aid Center
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