Nearly Two Decades of Helping Oregon Seniors Protect Their Financial Dignity

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The Oregon
Medicaid Experts

"I was told by the state worker that I would have to spend at least half our savings and investments on my husband's care to qualify for Medicaid. One week after I first talked with The Financial Aid Center he was approved for Medicaid. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't found them."


You need an experienced Medicaid expert on your side

Every day, thousands of families face the prospect of placing a loved one into long-term care (such as a nursing home). The emotional impact is always difficult, but the financial impact can be devastating - but help is available.

Medicaid provides over half the long-term care in this country, while most of the rest is paid by the families, at least until they go broke. The secret is knowing how to qualify for Medicaid without spending all your money first. Most families CAN qualify quickly, and you don't necessarily have to be broke to do just need to know how to go about it.
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you need to contact us at the number below and a Medicaid qualification and asset protection specialist will provide you with information and recommendations, specific to your individual situation, in a completely confidential manner.

Remember, at The Financial Aid Center we have spent nearly two decades helping Oregon seniors preserve their financial dignity. During that time we have helped hundreds of families save millions of dollars.

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