Nearly Two Decades of Helping Oregon Seniors Protect Their Financial Dignity

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The Oregon
Medicaid Experts

"I have been helping my mother take care of my father until we had to put him into a nursing home about a year ago. At that time we went to Medicaid and they told Mom that she would have to spend nearly $200,000 on his care before he could qualify for Medicaid. They also said that if she spent it on anything that wasn't for him that he would be disqualified. They scared her so much that she refused to replace the roof on their house (which was in very bad repair) or her car, which kept breaking down. She was afraid that he would never get Medicaid. It was from you that we learned the truth. Most of what she had been told was flat out wrong. She had every right to use their money for her benefit. She fixed the roof, bought a new car and turned $170,000 into an income (approved by Medicaid) for herself. Dad was on Medicaid within a couple of weeks. If it had not been for you she would have continued to write checks to the nursing home until over two thirds of their life's savings was gone. I can't tell you how much your knowledge and information has meant to our family."



At The Financial Aid Center, we work with you to meet Oregon's Medicaid financial eligibility requirements. We provide our clients with a legally viable, customized strategy designed to help preserve assets, rather than spend them down on costly Nursing Home or other long-term care expenses. Once your information is gathered and reviewed, we develop and present a clear and concise plan for restructuring assets, designed to preserve and protect those assets. We then submit a complete financial report to the local Medicaid office and assist you in obtaining Medicaid approval for benefits.


Our initial meeting is usually a telephone conversation. At that time, we'll learn about you, your family and the family member applying for Medicaid. If needed, however, we can meet with you face to face to review your family's situation in greater detail.

By the conclusion of this call, you'll learn valuable information/facts about applying for Medicaid, and why your decision to consult The Financial Aid Center was a sound one.

We'll also gather information regarding the applicant's finances to accurately assess the situation. Following is some of the information we will need to obtain and go over with you.

As part of Oregon's Medicaid financial eligibility requirements, you must pass BOTH, an Income Test and an Asset Test, in order to become eligible for Medicaid benefits.


The applicant's gross monthly income is counted, not the net amount the applicant receives after taxes and/or Medicare Part B premiums are deducted. Only the applicant's income is counted; the well-spouse's income is not counted for qualification purposes.

While each state implements Medicaid guidelines differently, Oregon is known as an "Income Cap" state. This means that if an applicant's gross income exceeds $2,205 per month, they would not pass the income test, nor initially qualify for Medicaid. However, since 1993, there has been a method to qualify, even if gross income exceeds the cap. An Income Cap (or Miller) Trust would have to be created, but that is a relatively simple procedure. We would arrange to have this done as part of our service.


The Asset Test is the second Medicaid financial requirement that must be met. In order to qualify, the patient cannot possess too many assets -- only $2,000 of "countable assets" are allowed. The Community Spouse, may keep as much as $120,900 of countable assets (depending on a number of factors). The secret of Medicaid asset protection is knowing how to turn excess assets into NON-COUNTABLE assets.

Understanding these tests, and learning how to manipulate them to your best advantage, is the primary reason you need to contact a knowledgeable Medicaid Eligibility Practitioner.


If you choose to have us assist you and your family member qualify for Medicaid, we will perform the following services:


If you choose to have us assist you and your single (unmarried) family member qualify for Medicaid, we will perform the following services:


We do not charge for our initial review and/or planning session. If and when the client decides to move forward with Medicaid qalification, there will usually be a fee charged at that time. Our normal fee is $1,900 for a married case and $2,500 for a single individual. We may also receive a commission from Medicaid-compliant annuities when they are utilized for optimizing asset preservation.

Contact us today to speak with a Medicaid eligibility specialist. We'll help you to understand the Medicaid eligibility requirements for Oregon Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Adult Foster Care, Residential Care, Memory Care and In-home care services. We'll show you how to achieve Medicaid eligibility and asset preservation -- all in the same phone call!

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