Nearly Two Decades of Helping Oregon Seniors Protect Their Financial Dignity

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The Oregon
Medicaid Experts

"My father had all his assets in a Living Trust. The trust salesman said it would protect them from Medicaid. After his third stroke we realized he couldn't live alone. We went to Medicaid, but they said they would count all the assets in the trust so he didn't qualify. My father was devastated. He figured he was going to lose everything to the nursing home. A friend told me about your organization. We called and talked to you about our situation. After looking at all the details, you explained what could be done and how to do it. The results were everything you promised and more. We were eventually able to protect over $125,000, and today he is in a care facility on Medicaid. I just wish we had found your organization before we found the trust salesman -- we could have saved even more."


"I have been an attorney in private practice for 25 years. My private practice revolves mainly around trusts, will, probate and elder law. For the past two years, I have worked on and off with Joe Mitchell and Terall Blalock on numerous cases with my clients who have issues pertaining to Medicaid. Joe and Terall have been invaluable on countless occasions.

Their knowledge of the Medicaid rules and regulations is impressive. Their ability to communicate their knowledge to me and to my clients is especially good, and above and beyond that, Joe and Terall provide a great service with a servant's heart and attitude. They have earned my trust and confidence and have helped save my clients thousands of dollars. "

Steven Plinski
Attorney at Law
Coos Bay, Oregon

"I am not one for passing out bouquets, however, in this case I feel the professional service I received from your organization could not go without comment from me.

At the time of my first contact, you told me how the process would work. Much to my delight the process went exactly as you said it would, which saved a substantial amount of my parent's estate. With your advice my dealings with Medicaid went very smoothly. I was very impressed with your knowledge and expertise. Thank you again,"

Robert L. Roach

The Medicaid experts at The Financial Aid Center are here to assist you and your family members to qualify for nursing home or other long-term care Medicaid benefits. Since 1995 we have helped countless Oregon seniors qualify for Medicaid, while preserving assets. We can do the same for you and your family. Contact Us Today

"I am writing in appreciation for all the help your office has given in getting my father on Medicaid. As with all families who have had to place a loved one in a controlled environment, it has been a most difficult time. Having never gone through this before, we did not have an idea how to begin. Thanks to your organization, a difficult task has been made much easier. I have told several of my mother's friends about your services and I am sure their families will be in contact with you. Thank you!!!"

C. A., Grants Pass, Oregon

"I would like to thank you for your help in assisting me with my Grandmother's financial concerns. I found the financial information you gave me incredibly helpful. I had consulted with an attorney here in Eugene and although she was pleasant to work with, I found her information to be lacking regarding the rules, which apply to Medicaid clients. I was referred to your office by my hospital's social worker, and I can only say how grateful I am that we were able to work with you! Thank you again and keep up the good work, for you are doing good for a lot of uninformed families."

D. S., Eugene, Oregon

No one looks forward to having a family member enter a nursing home and few people (including many Medicaid eligibility workers) completely understand all of the Medicaid eligibility requirements. And to go up against the state Medicaid agency by yourself is just plain crazy. If you want to avoid having to spend down much of your life's savings, you'll need the help of a knowledgeable and experienced partner who is not afraid to go head-to-head with Medicaid on your behalf.

At The Financial Aid Center for Long Term Care, we specialize in Oregon nursing home and other long-term care Medicaid eligibility.  That means you have the experts on your side when it’s time to prepare for paying on-going nursing home or other long-term care expenses.

There are many good reasons to work with someone who understands your Medicaid options.
We help you:

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